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Our mission is to provide a safe space for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma to share experiences, find support, and connect with others. Click here to join our online health community.



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Childhood sexual abuse is a global issue, which is present in every context, professional sector, and area of life.

Survivors of sexual abuse violence are our neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

Breaking the cycle of sexual violence is a daunting problem, but it is critical that we acknowledge and address it – not only for the sake of children and adults currently affected, but also for generations of families to come.

We at Gravity Network believe we are in a position to address this significant health crisis and improve health and well-being across generations of families.

We will do this through our cutting-edge research that will inform evidence based therapies and by providing resources and support to survivors.

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We believe in the healing power of stories. Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse deserve a safe place to tell their stories
where others listen with compassion and empathy.

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The only way to heal was to start loving myself.
-CSA Survivor
Social support has a significant impact on long term well being of survivors
I was able to rise from the ashes as a better version of my true self.
-CSA Survivor