Amrita Bhowmick

Amrita Bhowmick, MPH, MBA, Advisor

“I’ve seen how impactful online communities can be, particularly for individuals who struggle with stigma or feel isolated.”

Amrita Bhowmick is Chief Community Officer at Health Union, leading the team that brings content and community to patients with challenging health conditions. With a background in healthcare marketing, and expertise in business and public health, Ms. Bhowmick pioneered Health Union’s successful model of community development – creating safe, informative and supportive online environments for people to learn, share experiences, and connect with others. In addition to her professional activities, Ms. Bhowmick volunteers to prepare baked goods for Meals on Wheels, provide marketing services to Taproot Foundation, and offer comfort as a Certified Therapy Dog Team Member with Canines for Service. In connecting with Dr. Zvara, Ms. Bhowmick recognized childhood sexual abuse and trauma as a public health issue, and was inspired to apply her expertise in online community development to serve the needs of adult survivors. She knows first-hand that helping people feel heard, validated, and supported can empower change.

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