Bharathi Zvara

Bharathi Zvara, M.S., PhD, President & Co-Founder

“Through my study of family relationships, I gained a deeper understanding of the dynamics of childhood abuse and how traumatic experiences in childhood impact health and well-being across the lifespan.”

Dr. Bharathi Zvara is an Assistant Professor with extensive experience as an early childhood developmental scientist. Her work informs programs and policies focused on children born into families experiencing risk and challenge from conditions associated with trauma, maternal depression, poverty, and violence. Dr. Zvara initially became interested in the role of childhood trauma through her work examining high risk family systems, particularly how intimate partner violence impacts family functioning and child development. As her knowledge of family violence expanded, she recognized a pattern – a significant number of adult female victims of partner violence also report childhood sexual abuse. This has been the focus of her research for the past decade and laid the foundation for the development of Gravity Network.

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