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The Gravity Network team shares stories of coping and finding support after childhood sexual abuse (CSA)

Living as an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Navigating through life’s adult challenges can be difficult enough, let alone if you are the survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). The effects of CSA can be long-term, and can be physical, emotional, and mental in nature.1 Many of these effects can impact the way a survivor creates and maintains relationships, how they are able to parent their own children, and how …

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Self-Care and Healing after Abuse

No matter where an individual is at in their healing process, self-care can help manage the effects of living as an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Self-care involves putting your own needs first and participating in activities that make you happy. It also involves practicing healthy behaviors and surrounding yourself with individuals that support …

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My Toolbox

By Anthony Carrone In my last article, I mentioned the tools I try to use every day to continue coping with my memories of sexual abuse. For me, coping is a never-ending process. Unfortunately, my tools don’t make the memories go away, but I can’t think of a healthy alternative that does. Like many tool …

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