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We believe in the healing power of stories. Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse deserve a safe place to tell their stories where others listen with compassion and empathy. Storytelling creates an emotional bond between the tellers and the listeners; it creates a sense of community, of belonging. We believe that with validation and support of a community who truly listens to their stories, the survivors of childhood sexual trauma can begin to heal themselves, as well as others.

When met with openness and unconditional support, sharing a story of sexual abuse can be empowering, cathartic, and liberating for survivors. It can be a first step in breaking the cycle of distress.

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Thank you for sharing your story with us. All stories will be held for review prior to publication. Please do not post a direct copy of or link to a story that you have posted somewhere else. By clicking the submit button below, you acknowledge that your entry is subject to our Terms of Use.
8 thoughts on “Share your story
    1. Hi Wilma – We’ll send you an email with the link as soon as your story is published (typically within the week)! Take care, The Gravity Network Team

    1. Your story will be published in a completely anonymous way (your name or email do not appear). We will publish on and may share to our Facebook page, but it will not appear on your Facebook page unless you choose to share it. Hope this helps!

  1. Thank you so very much for this opportunity to share and to heal in a safe and judgment free place. It means a lot. I’m trying and want so badly to heal. Take care ; )

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