How is there not a way to protect children from other children?

How is there not a way to protect children from other children?

Originally published 1/14/2019

Five short weeks after my honeymoon, my then 6 year old made a disclosure that would change our entire forward trajectory. My stepson (9) had shared with him that he had been sodomized by my older stepson (13). Shortly following that disclosure, we found out that my son had also been sodomized by my 9 year old stepson. Immediate separation followed, my son was diagnosed with severe ptsd, and he’s been in weekly therapy for 7 months. My ex was enraged from the getgo that I reported this to child welfare and police. We all know sex abuse comes from somewhere and I wasn’t about to sweep it under the rug. Following the abuse I learned that my father in law is a sex addict, had multiple affairs, and that a number of his family members have been molested.

At the end of the summer, my ex enrolled his son into an athletic program at a school we are at daily, that his kids are unaffiliated with. Clearly this was a calculated move to cause alarm. Naturally, I went to authorities to try and protect my son as their presence caused an immediate regression in PTSD symptoms that had begun to fade. Surprisingly, because my stepson is younger than 12, my son has no rights despite having forensic interview proving sodomy. There’s no consequences and no legal way to allow my son to be free of unwanted contact with his abuser. Though my ex has already demonstrated lack of concern for my son, our divorce judge won’t even grant restraint so that my son is free from unwanted contact. How is there no protection for kids when child on child sexual abuse has the same effect on victims?

2 thoughts on “How is there not a way to protect children from other children?
  1. I am so sorry you and your son are having to live through this nightmare. And I’m sorry it seems your new ex is uneducated and uncaring about sexual abuse, because that means his two sons are probably not getting the help they need either. What a heartbreak on so many levels!

    Have you consulted a lawyer about your son’s right to protection from having to see his abuser? If he truly has no legal rights, can you enlist the school’s help in keeping your son from his ex-stepbrothers?

    I pray you find the help you need in navigating this mess.

  2. I’m sure under the law, a child has rights to be safe, and protected when in an educational environment, or on school premises. Free from having contact with someone who has caused them harm. No way. Please that does not seem right, surely victims have right to be protected.

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