I am a 73 year old male

I am a 73 year old male

I am a 73 year old male. I discovered my abuse in my late 60’s after 3 years of therapy I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. It was quite an ordeal to recover these memories. I was abused by my mother and male friends of my family, my male grade school principal. The abuse happened from when I was approximately 4 or 5 until I was 12. Both my mother and father denied this was happening during those years. This denial and punishment did as much damage as the actual abuse.


The Impact 
Although I have a very successful business life. CEO of a large company for over 25 years. Underneath I was never happy and felt I belonged. This hidden trauma caused family and marriage issues. Although my marriage has survived 42 years.


What I want others to know/understand 
It is never to late to face and find the truth no matter how frightening and terfying it is
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