Stories: My Anguish Was My Healer

Stories: My Anguish Was My Healer

I was a survivor of CSA. Now I am healing back to ME – Who I was suppose to before two malignant narcs or dark triad parents did their vile evil work on me during my developing years.

Their evil mental illnesses caused me despair and suffering, and has caused the next generation to suffer too.

What I Want Others to Know

Through the horrors of childhood trauma, while clinging on the edges of a cliff (life), slowly, painfully, in darkness and alone…I crawled up through education and knowledge on the layers of trauma I had to peel off one by one.

Like a snake shedding its skin along its journey, I broke the intergenerational chain of abuse among generations before me.

I’m leaving this earth a better place! My anguish was my healer!

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