Stories: Here’s a Story About a Young Girl

Stories: Here’s a Story About a Young Girl

Warning: May contain triggers for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Here’s a story about a young girl
It’s traumatic and tragic
If you are easily triggered with child rape child abuse and domestic violence please don’t read any further
There was a little girl who lived with her mother and two siblings
The mom was an ok mom even though drugs and alcohol ran her life
One day when she was about 5 her mom came to the 3 kids and told them someone new was moving in
The kids especially the little girl was estatic at the prospect of a new daddy
In the beginning he was pretty awesome buying them stuff and taking them places

Then one day she did something wrong she didn’t know what she did and it wasn’t told to her
She was told that she was bad and deserved a spanking and out came the belt
The spanking seemed to go on forever
This routine continued every day
One night when the little girl was around 7 she was woken up to someone in her room it was “daddy” taking off her clothes
She was scared and started crying once again out came the belt and she was beat naked
After the beating came the most horrible thing he laid on top of her and started raping her telling her that she will always be in his control

This continued but both parents would spank her for anything
Telling her she was bad
She was the oldest and deserved it
God was punishing her for being bad

She Thought She’d Be Safe

When she was 15 an aunt and uncle came to visit and asked her if she would like to spend the summer with them
She was suprised her “parents” allowed it and right away she said yes
She thought she’d be safe but she wasn’t
Her Aunt had gone to work and it was just her and her uncle at the house
He started stroking her breasts and telling her how much he loved her and how beautiful she was
She was confused by the positive attention but used to the molestation so she “allowed” it to continue
one night while her aunt was at work her uncle physically picked her up and threw her on his bed and started raping her telling her how beautiful she is and how he is doing it out of love
It got to the point that no matter where she was he was finding a way to touch her sexually
Her grandma and grandpa came and took her home and she said nothing sitting in her shame
Thinking of how much she hated and enjoyed it at the same time
Her mind and body had both been violated

She went back home even more defeated than before and the beating and rapes continued

When she was 16 she was talking with one of her favorite teachers and let slip what was happening at home
The teacher doing his duty reported to the authorities who after a joke of an investigation said there was nothing they could do
Her mother blamed her for trying to break up the family
The rapes stopped but the beatings emotional and verbal abuse continued along with the molestation.

Soon this young girl graduated high school with the determination to get out of that house and that town and never turn back
She left for college but didn’t know she’d have to return home on long breaks
Another uncle whom she trusted said she could stay with him over one break and help his disabled wife with their kids
She thought that was a great idea
Until the night he raped her after he got her drunk she was 18 and when she came to herself and realized what was happening she managed to push him off her
He called her a b*tch and a tease and for the remainder of that vacation would continue to berate her telling her to stop flirting and he knew she wanted it and he will “get” her good one day and she will have his child

She left back for college and vowed to never see him or talk to him again

“Love Bombing” and the Final Straw

One day during a choir class she heard this awesome tenor voice and wanted to know who it belonged to
She found him and started talking to him and pretty soon they started dating
If you’ve ever heard the term “love bombing” that’s exactly what he did with her
Bought her special things
Saying all the right words
She confided in him after a short time about her childhood which turned into the worst thing she could’ve done
He decided to force her to have sex with him saying wasn’t she used to it and if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t have let the others do it too
Soon the rapes were met with verbal emotional and financial abuse
After 11 or so years of him berating her then apologizing and berating and apologizing they got into an argument and started choking her
That was her final straw
She called a friend and left with the clothes on her back and her dog
They were divorced shortly after and she fled the state with her new husband and baby months after *the baby was her new husbands – there is a back story there but I’m not going to share*

Now some 14 something years later she is living peacefully with her husband and two children
She is in therapy learning to heal
She has found God
She knows she will heal one day and she is finally safe
She still struggles with her mental health and dealing with her past traumas but she is safe happy and healthy

The Impact

Panic disorder
Avoidant personality

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