Sharing her worst secrets and thoughts publicly was not something Shana Shippee ever envisioned doing. However, one day she realized that writing for herself wasn’t good enough. She had things to say, and had been holding them inside for far too long, creating a world of isolation and self-blame.

Through sharing her thoughts, fears, and memories, Shana discovered that there is a desperate need for survivors to feel that they are not alone.  She believes that survivors deserve a space space where they can scream instead of remaining silent, and strives to destroy the stigma, secrets, and lies that perpetuate childhood sexual abuse.

Shana has worked in the field of early childhood for 25 years. She is currently a preschool teacher, in addition to raising her own 17 year old son, 10 year old daughter. She manages an Awareness of Childhood Sexual Abuse blog and Facebook Group.

Read all of Shana’s posts here.

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